Doorways offers the following classes:

    “Coping with Stress”
    “Meditations on the Lord’s Prayer”
    “Praying in the Silence”
    “Intercessory Prayer”
    “Images for Discipleship”

Class dates and times will be posted on the website two months beforehand.  Use the Contact Us button to see the list and make a request. Or you are always welcome to call 515-962-4764 to request a class/month. Most classes are 4-6 weeks in length.

If you are considering a retreat and want to focus on any of the above, we can arrange mentoring sessions during the retreat. 

Individual mentoring/counseling sessions are available on a once a week basis, usually scheduled for 6 weeks.

Workshops for congregations or other groups:

Doorways offers workshops in:

“Imitating the Radical Christ”
“Images for Discipleship”
"Praying in the Silence"
"Meditations on the Lord's Prayer"
“Creativity and Spirituality”

Dates and times for workshops are arranged in advance with the congregation or group.  Please call 515-962-4764 to set a date.  Workshops are usually 2-4 hours, and may include a meal break. Most workshops are held in church halls or senior centers.